Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Socrates Live

Like minded - or not - curious folks looking for mentally stimulating conversation are gathering at free Socrates Cafe around the world where more questions are raised than answered. An article in today's paper writes that "cafe" creator and author of Six Questions of Socrates, Christopher Phillips, estimates there are about 300 active Socrates Cafes meeting regularly, raising issues of the day. But rather than necessarily tackling the specifics of a current event, a wide angle lens is more the approach. For example, instead of debating the validity of, or the consequences of the Iraqi war, the question gets distilled down to "What is a just war?" As luck would have it, my local Cafe is meeting tonight and we already have dinner plans but I will definitely check it out. In the meantime visit Socrates Cafe to find or start a cafe near you.


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