Thursday, February 09, 2006

Appreciation Day

I've designated this "Appreciation Day." It started this morning when I was walking my dog Jackie on the beach, me bundled up in fleece and socks - Jackie au natural. It was a brisk, absolutely gorgeous Miami Beach morning and I had a lot to complain about. Yeah, you read that right. Health problems were dogging me (sorry Jackie), slowing me down and taking up a lot of my time. Of serious concern but nothing life-threatening, still I am accustomed to perfect health and these problems were challenging and inconvenient - not to mention an affront to my ego and self concept. Wasn't I going to be like a teenager forever?

The sun was blazing and I sat down carefully - not an easy task considering in addition to everything else, I injured my back the other day so getting up and down isn't easy. I even say "oye" now when getting up, fitting in perfectly with the older locals and vacationing seniors from Long Island. Jackie sat up-beach, in sight of me but alone. She's in that always rapprochemont phase. She knows I'm there for her.

But can I complain. I'm living in paradise and could stop right there. But the truth is I have great family and friends, awesome clients and a growing coaching business and opportunities. So why let a little discomfort blow my serenity.

This bright Thursday morning, I decided to feel grateful for the twists in turns of my health as a reminder. I don't have to wait until something really awful happens to have those life changing moments when people take stock. I can hold an appreciation day, today.

So here's a tip I left out of my booklet. Take stock now and count your blessings. That may sound like a cliche but trust me, you'll feel a little sunnier inside. You'll find you can face whatever's on your plate with more vigor and confidence when you stop, pay tribute and have your own appreciation day.


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