Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting Passed the Garbage

At 7:15am this morning, jogging the tired six block loop around my neighborhood paled against the thought of jumping into the car and heading off to the boardwalk on Miami Beach. Jogging became a renewed endeavor after training for four months and then this September 19th completing my first triathlon. So I grabbed my iPod and made off in my car, crossing the Julia Tuttle Causeway to Indian Creek Drive, parking on 37th Street, one block from the beach.

As I learned to do while training, I set my timer for a 5 minute warm up walk. My timing stunk. Pun intended. For most of those 5 minutes I was practically neck and neck with the trash collector. He seemed to be riding along side me on the boardwalk in his little motorized vehicle and each time he stopped to empty a trash can on the boardwalk, I had to hold my breath and manage my growing annoyance.

Why me and why did I have such lousy timing. My picture perfect plan was ruined. Ten minutes earlier or later and this would have been a nonevent. I considered reversing my walk, to walk in the opposite directions. A reasonable enough solution I figured. And then I remembered why I was there. To run, not to walk. And so I ran. Right passed the problem.

Motto of the story: instead of complaining about the garbage in your life, refocus yourself and remember your goals. Be sure to rest your mind on the bigger picture. When garbage-like thoughts and negativity creep in, remember what's important to you and run with it!


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