Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What the #$BLEEP*! Do We Know?

Seen the film What the #$BLEEP*!Do We Know? This weekend I attended a "What the Bleep" conference at the Marriot Hotel overlooking Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami, diving into a course of quantum mechanics. The film addresses these intellectual concepts in language suitable for the general public with Marlee Matlin in the starring role.

It seems we have the power to change the way we see things by doing some brain rewiring. It's a three step process requiring knowledge, personalizing experiences to ground the knowledge, and learning to pay attention -- all of which begin to open new pathways in the brain. Dr.Joe Dispenza, the most frequently requested contributor to the film and conference, offered a simple guide to manifesting possibilities in his popular segment, “Creating Your Day”, taking you beyond the realm of habits, emotions, and assumptions.

In creating my day, I'm instructed not to ask or visualize specifics like "I want to be happy today" for example. Instead I'm told to begin to see myself in a way that creates the experience of “knowing” happiness to begin the process of repatterning in the brain. You would ask yourself the following questions:

What do I have to do to be happy? Who am I when I'm that person? When did I make a decision this is who I am? What would it be like to be a happy person? Who in history do I admire for this behavior?

It's simple but not easy because it takes repetition to start reprograming the brain chemicals that habitual thoughts trigger. We are just in too much of a hurry.

I will think about which ones I want to change. I know I have a few...


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