Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Responding to a Business Slump

I was asked today to write a response to what small business owners can do when they face a slump in their business. Here's my response:

Too often we get inner focused when trying to solve a business problem. Instead, step out. Think about what you can contribute to someone or some other business. Offer to help, make a connection, introduce two people who could benefit. It’s like when someone is depressed. Sometimes the best antidote to depression is helping someone else. Maybe it’s simply listening to them and offering some comfort. Notice how you feel better after helping someone? No reason this shouldn’t apply to a business going through a “depression.” Reach out to someone else. Get out of yourself and your own way. Stop thinking about what you can get - instead – think about what you can contribute.

Stir up some positive energy and watch how you and your business come back to life!


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