Monday, February 20, 2006

Miami Beach Boat Show 2006

The horns are blowing in concert. And at no point since moving to South Florida have I felt more certain. It’s 6:01 PM, a cacophony of sirens, like a gaggle of dolphins mating and celebrating, resound outside my sliding glass doors. Boat Show 2006 is officially over and the story I made up (and believe is real) is that this shouting of horns is the ritual ending wafting off Collins Avenue - the Boat Show's uptown HQ. Tonight's sounds of conclusion make way for tomorrow's voyage. The sweet sound of my community. Harmonious and resonant. Riotous and bellowing. Oh, the traffic and congestion. Yet, I've learned to drive uptown to go downtown. This is my home town.

I gave up midtown New York for midtown Miami Beach. It's February 20th, 77 degrees at 6:03 PM, the clearest of skies, a setting sun. So much for work. So much for life. You know my tip. Buy!

PS: With all this talk about boats... allow me to add.... Hillary, I support you to protect our ports!


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Can you coach me?

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