Monday, June 13, 2005

Time Management: Time To Make the Donuts?

Is it time to make the donuts or time to sell them? Is it time to develop a low-fat donut or time to learn about franchising?

Whatever kind of business you're in, how you divide your time between these immediate, short, and long term goals can determine how effectively you grow your business. This requires three different lists. Like our donut maker, to get started create a list of what must be done immediately. For him it might be repairing an oven thermostat and training the new cashier. Then, create a second list. This list will be short-term goals like ordering new employee uniforms or approving the ingredients of a recipe change. Now create a third list. These may be ideas or projects you are developing like evaluating your distribution system before taking on more business or learning about franchising as a way to grow your business.

Which is the trickiest list to fulfill? If you picked the third one, you are right. These goals are not sceaming for immediate attention so they become "back-burnered." Then one day you turn around and your business is in a rut. Make time for this important category by plugging them into your calendar - now. If need be, break them up into smaller tasks and schedule those too.

It's too easy to get caught up in what lies right in front of you and forget about long range planning. To move you and your business forward, you can't just be making the donuts; you have to order flour and sugar, keep up with your staff, meet new prospects, plan for expansion. The list is only endless (like donut flavors) if you don't write it down. Try it!

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