Friday, September 01, 2006

To Complete or Not Complete...

It's six months since I last posted and a lot has taken place - and a lot hasn't. As a result I feel a bit in a fog and unfocused lately. My girlfriends say it could be hormones. While in the tub today purposely trying to gain clarity on my current mindset, I recalled a conversation I had yesterday over sushi and curry at Sushi Siam on Lincoln Road with Leila Chang Ripich, a partner in Ideal Lifestyle Concierge. Leila has a phenomenal business offering customized personal services to handle everyday hassles and organizational responsibilities catering to business and personal needs. While munching away we both noted we had lots of books hanging around our home offices, started but uncompleted for a variety of reasons. For me, was this sense of incompletion a result of the fog or a cause of it? To complete or not complete... that is the question.

How often do you start a project only to be compelled by something newer clamoring for your attention - even if only the latest email pinging away on your desktop, I mean your laptop, I mean your Blackberry, soon to be a chip in your head? How many incomplete projects do you have cluttering your mind? Me? OYE!

Deep breathe. Now back in a tub-full of bubbles, a voice summoned me to my next project: finish reading all those darn books! But, I cried out, this is a huge project and could take years! To narrow the field I came up with two essential criteria: the book has yet to have yellowed and it must be really compelling.

After rummaging through my bookshelves and scouring my working/living space I came up with ten titles. This list does not include those books piling up whose spines I haven't yet cracked.

Not one more dime at Amazon 'til I've plowed through this list!


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