Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Cosmetic Cover-up?

Do we live in a litigious society or what? In today's Miami Herald, a 62 year old woman argues that cosmetic giant, Estee Lauder, falsely advertised "anti-aging" claims. Now in the process of establishing a class action suit, the 11-page lawsuit is preceded in December by a similar action against Estee Lauder and about 25 other cosmetic companies and retailers.

I am totally sympathetic towards anyone concerned about the signs of aging, being a baby boomer myself. Our society values youth and beauty but let's face it - it ain't so easy. Particularly for women. You gotta love the man who may appreciate beauty but actually values the more enduring qualities in his women. After all, in the end, a good conversation may be all you've got left.

But this lawsuit is sure to create more winkles for this misguided woman than she had to begin with. In reality, youth can be an inside job - an attitude, a point of view. Instead, I recommend she think youthful thoughts by keeping an open mind; live a youthful lifestyle by trying new activities; act youthfully by being delighted by life's surprises.

Let's learn to radiate youthful confidence by expressing, enjoying, and honoring ourselves - very attractive.

Thanks for the reminder, ma'am.


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