Monday, July 18, 2005

Another Workshop, Training, Meeting?

Have another meeting to attend? Hate the thought of it? Think there's nothing more you can learn?

Stop! That was happening to me - this morning in fact. Tonight the Miami Chapter of Society for Human Resource Development is offering a workshop on networking. And I thought, what more could I possibly learn that I don't already know? Good question! I figured I had one of three choices to make: 1) Avoid the meeting and miss the opportunity to make new friends and contacts and catch up with people I typically see only at the meetings; 2) Go with a negative attitude - what could I possibly learn that's new; 3) Go with a positive attitude - what could I possibly learn that's new. Yes, remarkably the same as #2 but one major difference - an open mind.

I'll be going to that networking workshop and I'm promising myself to have a positive experience. So next time you want to avoid a workshop or meeting, change your mind. Listen for something new. Make it a good experience for yourself. And others. You just might even have something to contribute yourself.


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