Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is There Really A Human Race?

I hope you had a relaxing Labor Day Weekend. We were down in the Keys snorkeling and enjoying Key Lime Pie(s) – staying one step ahead of the heavy downpours.

I was just watching the Today Show as I prepared my miso soup – yup, still doing the macrobiotics…okay the Key Lime Pie was an award for good behavior. Anyway Jamie Lee Curtis was touting her latest children’s book, "Is There Really A Human Race?" which evolved out a question her young son asked, do I have to always win? – or something provocative like that. Jamie is a very passionate woman when it comes to her views who admits as an actress, she never had a plan but just accepted any role she was offered. I wondered if Up The River Endeavor's Sounding Board became interested, would Jamie accept the role as “URE Associate” and what she might contribute to a URE summer dialogue, especially as she is addressing the very young – and young at heart? I also imagined the PR value for URE having a notable participant.

I’m also reading a book one of my clients recommends: "How to Change the World / Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas" by David Bornstein. My client, Brian Cohen (I have his permission to disclose) was a high level beloved marketing executive (with high level heart) at Elektra Records (formerly of Time/Warner) who was referred to me by another client to help Brian fulfill his dream of creating a summer camp designed to help children develop ideas with the mind, heart and hands. Check out the outcome at Beamcamp. The camp’s tagline is “The only true magic is a solution.” Brian Cohen has a lot of very intriguing things to say about a lot of things.


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